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Fishcare WA

Fishcare WA 4 star

The Department of Fisheries, Western Australia is responsible for the sustainable development of the State's fisheries. This website is a window to WA's aquatic world and the conservation and management arrangements in place to ensure that we can all enjoy Fish for the future.

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AIMS 4 star

AIMS is committed to the protection and sustainable use of Australia's marine resources. Its research programs support the management of tropical marine environments around the world, with a primary focus on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, the pristine Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia and northwest Australia.

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Australian Maritime College

Australian Maritime College 4 star

Australian Maritime College offers education, training and consulting to serve the maritime sector. National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics, National Centre for Ports and Shipping, National Centre for Marine Conservation and Resource Sustainability - these centres at AMC provide technical knowledge, practical skills and industry awareness

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 4 star

The GBRMPA is responsible for the management of the Marine Park and undertakes a variety of activities including: Developing and implementing zoning and management plans Environmental impact assessment and permitting of use Research, monitoring and interpreting data Providing information, educational services and marine environmental management advice

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CSIRO Marine Research

CSIRO Marine Research 4 star

CMAR’s research focuses on issues affecting Australia and the world, and provide a range of scientific and consulting services that are underpinned by research.

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Whittley Marine Industries

Whittley Marine Industries 4 star

Whittley sons Neville and Steven head up the company, continuing the family tradition. Skilled and trained craftsmen in their own right, the contemporary Whittley generation are just as exacting and fastidious about the boats, as their father.

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