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Advertising on ShopSafe can be a very powerful way of directing potential customers to your web site. People are coming to ShopSafe looking for places to spend their money - they are ready to make purchases! Make sure they make their purchases from you by advertising on a ShopSafe site. The ShopSafe group of web sites deliver over 1,100,000 page views per month to over 354,000 unique users worldwide every month and growing daily!

To advertise on ShopSafe, you must have a free ShopSafe Listing!

If your site is accepted into ShopSafe you can add the"We're listed" ShopSafe logo to your site without charge. You can find this on our logos page. If you do not qualify for a ShopSafe Listing we cannot accept your advertising.

We offer the following advertising opportunities:

Banner Advertising Increase your visibility at the top of the page with a banner advert. Only one banner is shown on each page, giving your web site maximum exposure.

Banners must be 468 x 60 pixels in size and less than 15K file size. We strongly recommend that your banners are animated. We can point them to your web site first page or a specific page.

Banner advertising rates are your choice of either USD$10 per thousand impressions or USD 30¢ per click. Your banner will be displayed with general run of site.

The minimum order for banners is 10,000 impressions (USD$100) or 1000 clicks (USD$300). We will continue to display your banners until the paid-for number of visitors have clicked through to your site via the supplied banner regardless of the number of impressions required. Visitors to your site who click through from your free listing on ShopSafe are not counted in this number.

If you want further information please email: [email protected].

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Add Your Logo to your category listing. A Single listing on ShopSafe is free. You can enhance your listing by adding your logo to your listing.

Logos must be either than 125 x 125, 120 x 60, 120 x 120, 120 x 240 pixels in size and less than 10K file size. They must be on a white background.

To add your logo to your listing costs USD$50 per year for one category, or USD$150 per year for up to four categories.

Please note that if your site utilises affiliate marketing, a logo may be added to your site listing without charge across all categories we think are relevant. You can read more about affiliate marketing in ShopSafe's Affiliate Marketing category.

If you require further information please email: [email protected].

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Ear-Space Advertising (Buttons)

Right hand column Buttons are shown on all category pages and are always visible, that is they are not on rotation. Your button will be shown every time somebody looks at a page of ShopSafe Site Category Listings.

Buttons must be less than 120 pixels wide and 80 pixels high and less than 10K file size.

To add a button to a single site's category pages costs USD$100 per month.

If you want further information please email: [email protected].

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