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Safe Shopping

Safe online shopping starts here

shop safeWe've all heard how great shopping on the Internet can be, that you can get things far cheaper, as the shops don't have to pay expensive overheads. How convenient it is - you can shop when you want to. How it's easy to compare prices, and how there are no queues and plenty of parking online!

But before you start shopping there are a number of questions you have to ask yourself.

  1. Do you trust the vendor?
  2. Do they have a 'secure' server?
  3. What are their delivery times?
  4. Can you contact them if the order goes wrong?
  5. Are there any hidden charges?

shop safeMost shopping sites use some sort of shopping cart - this is your virtual trolley into which you can place items, then take them to the checkout when you want to pay. The checkout must be in a secure server in order for your transaction to be secure.

How Do I Know I'm in a Secure Server?

When you go into a secure server the key or lock in the bottom of your browser will appear locked or highlighted. The address of the web site will also change from http://www... to https://www... signifying that the site is secure.

Netscape Security Internet Explorer Security

If none of this happens, then this is not a secure server - don't enter your credit card details. Don't be afraid to email the vendor and ask them a few questions to put your mind at rest!

What Else Should I Do?

Here are a few hints about online shopping that we've learned along the way:

  • Always print out your order confirmation.
  • Pay by Credit Card. If something goes wrong you can have a credit card transaction reversed in legitimate circumstances.
  • Order more than just one item at a time to save on delivery costs.
  • Try and get your goods delivered at a time when you will be there, otherwise your package might get left with the neighbours from hell!
  • Don't get carried away and spend too much!

More Help

You can get some good advice from your State's Office of Fair Trading.

Always Ensure:

  • Always ensure that you know what you are buying and that you do want the goods.
  • Find out what the shipping costs are before you commit to purchase.
  • Calculate the full cost including shipping of the goods you are buying.
  • Find out how long it will take for the goods to be delivered.
  • Ensure that the delivery address you provide is valid and that somebody will be available to receive the goods.
  • Find out the shipping method that is proposed and understand whose responsibility it is to insure the goods in transit.
  • Save all correspondence with the merchant and make a diary note of phone calls including who you spoke to.
  • Check your credit card transactions to ensure that you have been charged for the goods at the correct price.
  • Save and print the emailed or published invoice. It is important to have this to verify your transaction.

Even with the best of intentions, things can still go wrong. You should first approach your merchant for redress of any issues.

If you cannot contact your merchant or if you think the merchant's response has been unreasonable, you can contact us. Please include as much information as you can to assist us to understand your issue.

We cannot promise anything but we will do the best that we can.

Worldwide Safe Online Shopping

As well as safe online shopping in the USA you can visit other Shopsafe sites worldwide:

You can view today's Alexa worldwide traffic rankings for ShopSafe.

Media Information

HISTORY & WHO'S BEHIND SHOPSAFE? was launched in January 1999 and re-designed in May 2000 to make it even easier for the public to find safe shopping web sites. In the United Kingdom, the company behind ShopSafe is Edward Robertson LTD. Established in 1996 they are experts in setting up online stores, and have used their knowledge to put together the ShopSafe service. You can go to the Edward Robertson web site.

Other sites in the Shopsafe Group are owned and operated by ShopSafe Pty Ltd TA The ShopSafe Trust. In Australia, was launched as a local service in July 1998 and relaunched as a multi-site global service in 2002 with cooperation and assistance from ShopSafe UK. has been on the web since 1998 serving both the UK and Australia. In early 2003, a transition was begun to move the focus of to serve consumers in the USA. was launched in October 2003 to serve consumers in New Zealand.


ShopSafe is a consumer guide for online shoppers. It is a shopping directory that lists only well designed secure online shops and stores. When examining a site for inclusion into the ShopSafe directory we look for:

  • Online ordering and security of credit card payment transactions.
  • Delivery prices and information that is clearly displayed.
  • A wide range of products, suitable for "high street" consumers.
  • Sites that are based in locally (and display local contact details) and deliver locally.
  • Prominent display of customer service information.
  • Good design, making the site quick to load and easy to use.
  • A Privacy Policy

The ShopSafe Privacy Policy Statement

ShopSafe is ShopSafe Pty. Ltd. acting for The ShopSafe Trust.

ShopSafe is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of any personal information provided to us. ShopSafe complies with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles.

To enable us to provide some of our services to you, we need to collect personal information from you – usually your name and email address. You may also choose to tell us your preferences and country of origin when searching ShopSafe web sites. You may also choose to provide us with your mobile phone number.

Our electronic records are maintained in password protected archives.

Our records are maintained so we can send you details of promotions or services, in which you may be interested. However, each time we send you something you have the opportunity to request that no further information be sent to you. Your personal information will then be deleted from our records.


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